About Bluu Qatar

We combine a consistent
and structured process with a flexible attitude

About - Who we are

Who We Are

With 17 years of experience in the UK market as Bluu Solutions, Bluu Qatar began operations in the Qatari market in 2009. Since then, it has grown organically to become a leading brand in the market, and as of 2012. Bluu Qatar is 100% Qatari-owned.

We have developed strong relations and networks within the market which allows us to service all our clients’ needs with a flexible attitude and a consistent and structured process.

Bluu Qatar LLC consists of 3 main units:

- BLUU QATAR (Fit-out Works)
- ARCHITECTS (Interior Design)


What We Do

We deliver turnkey solutions in interior design and fit-out construction in the commercial, retail, residential and hospitality sectors.

We operate in fast turn-around environments, create tailored programs, and ensure that every aspect of the project meets expectations, from design, cost, time frame and reliable delivery.​

What We Strive For

We bring designs to life.

We strive to create and deliver spaces that leave imprint and impact through avantgarde designs and meticulous execution.

Our Mission

Create world class innovative interior design solutions

to meet our clients’ functional and aesthetic requirements providing unique tailored space solutions. Integrate the client’s brand and business strategy, placing great emphasis on the brand’s values and aspirations to bring projects to fruition.

Our Core Values

Trust & Respect

We cultivate a trusting relationship and recognize that success is a joint and mutual responsibility.

Reliable & Responsive

We share our clients’ aspirations, understand their business, and deliver on our promises.

Innovative & Passionate

We believe in quality and the pursuit of designing and creating excellent spaces. We value communication, listening and exploring innovative ideas.

Executive Management

Our team is experienced in designing and tailoring the type of luxury experience that you might be seeking for your design and fit-out needs. They are passionate, result-oriented and from multicultural backgrounds. Our talent pool consists of experts, top level management, support staff, designers, architects, engineers, and project managers.

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    Hamad Abdullah S. Al Mana Chief Executive Officer

    Hamad Abdullah S. Al ManaChief Executive Officer

    Hamad Abdullah S. Al Mana is the Chief Executive Officer of BLUU QATAR since 2014. He also serves on the Board of Directors of BLUU QATAR’s umbrella company, RC AL MANA. He is committed to maintaining BLUU QATAR’s commitments in the areas of delivery standards, integrity and overall business operation.

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    Faisal Abdulla KH. Al Mana Executive Director

    Faisal Abdulla KH. Al Mana Executive Director

    As BLUU QATAR’s executive director, he keeps his plate full, playing a prominent role in the planning and management of many of the firm’s larger commercial, civic and cultural commissions. He also serves on the board of directors in BLUU QATAR ‘s umbrella company, RC AL MANA, as the Vice Chairman.

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    Monjid O.R. Abdulmajeed Board Member / Managing Director

    Monjid O.R. Abdulmajeed Board Member / Managing Director

    Monjid O.R. Abdulmajeed is the Managing Director of Bluu Qatar LLC since 2020 and is part of the executive board of directors in RC AL MANA Group of Companies wherein he serves as the CEO. He finished BS Civil Engineering from University of Missouri, Kansas City, U.S.A. and have since worked in leading and delivering prestigious projects in Qatar.

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    Mohammed El Khamissy Board Member

    Mohammed El Khamissy Board Member

    Oversees BLUU QATAR’s performance as a business enterprise, focusing on the strategy and policy issues that come with our being a leading fast-growing firm. He directs BLUU, which includes communications, finance, global support, human resources, marketing, public relations, risk management, and technology support and development. In addition, he oversees the firm’s practices from a business point of view. He also serves on the board of directors in BLUU QATAR’s umbrella company, RC AL MANA.